Glenn Ligon

Glenn Ligon グレン・ライゴン
1960 ニューヨーク・ブロンクス生まれ、ニューヨーク在住。

1985 Whitney Museum Independent Study Program(ニューヨーク)


1982 Wesleyan University(コネチカット州・ミドルタウン)美術学士取得
1980 Rhode Island School of Design (ロードアイランド州・プロビデンス)

2012 Glenn Ligon: Neon, Luhring Augustine(ニューヨーク)
    Glenn Ligon: AMERICA, The Modern Art Museum, Fort Worth(フォートワース)
2011 Glenn Ligon: AMERICA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art(ロサンゼルス)
    Glenn Ligon: AMERICA, Whitney Museum of American Art(ニューヨーク)
2010 Glenn Ligon, Michael Stevenson Gallery(ケープタウン)
2009 Nobody and Other Songs, Thomas Dane Gallery(ロンドン)
    Off Book, Regen Projects II(ロサンゼルス)
2008 Figure/Paysage/Marine, Yvon Lambert(パリ)
    Love and Theft, Power House Memphis(メンフィス)

2012 TERRAIN: Selected Works from the Linda Pace Foundation Collection, Linda Pace Foundation(サンアントニオ)
    The Residue of Memory, Aspen Museum of Art(アスペン)
    WEIGHTED WORDS, The Zabludowicz Collection(ロンドン)
    Self-portraits, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art(フムレベック)
    National Academy Annual Exhibition, National Academy(ニューヨーク)
    Distant Star/Estrella Distante, Kurimanzutto(メキシコシティ)
    The Painting Factory: Abstraction After Andy Warhol, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles(ロサンゼルス)
    Invisible, Hayward Gallery(ロンドン)
2011 Collecting Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art(ニューヨーク)
    Jean Genet, Nottingham Contemporary(ノッティンガム)
    30 Americans, Corcoran Gallery of Art(ワシントンD.C.)
    Seeing Gertrude Stein: Five Stories, Contemporary Jewish Museum(サンフランシスコ)
    Human Nature: Contemporary Art from the Collection, Los Angeles County Museum of Art(ロサンゼルス)
    The Last First Decade, Ellipse Foundation(ポルトガル)
    Robert Mapplethorpe: Night Works, Alison Jacques Gallery(ロンドン)
2010 Until Now: Collecting the New (1960-2010), Minneapolis Institute of Arts(ミネアポリス)
    Mixed Use, Manhattan: Photography and Related Practices, 1970s to the present, Reina Sofia(マドリード)
    Huckleberry Finn, CCA Wattis Institute(サンフランシスコ)
    Substitute Teacher, The Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center(アトランタ)
    Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture, National Portrait Gallery(ワシントンD.C.)
    Contemporary Art from the Collection, Museum of Modern Art(ニューヨーク)
    El Gabinete Blanco, Fundacion/Coleccion Jumex(メキシコシティ)


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